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It’s Okay to Feel

Dear Poor Emotionless Souls, Maybe the reason that so many people are driven mad by their emotions is because we live in a society that tells us that any feelings that we could have that isn’t a positive one is bad and that we should do everything in our power to eliminate those feelings. Maybe…

I Am An Empath

Random factoid of the day. I am an empath. Yes, you heard it right. I, Jessica Ann Perry, am a real life empath. “What the hell is an empath?” Now don’t get your knickers in a twist my dear reader, I will tell you. You can look it up online and what you will find…

Living for tomorrow

Are you doing today what you are just going to do again tomorrow? Or Are you doing today that which is going to propel you into tomorrow? Really take a second to let those questions marinate. How do you spend your day? How do you prioritize your time? I have seen countless people live each…

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