It’s Okay to Feel

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Dear Poor Emotionless Souls,

Maybe the reason that so many people are driven mad by their emotions is because we live in a society that tells us that any feelings that we could have that isn’t a positive one is bad and that we should do everything in our power to eliminate those feelings.

Maybe we don’t feel too much.  Maybe we feel exactly the amount that we are supposed to, but the world tells us we are wrong for it. So now we are put in a situation where we are made to feel guilty for our feelings.

“Don’t be sad”, “Work on that anger”, “Don’t be so sensitive”.  Maybe we are not “too sensitive”. Maybe, just maybe we feel exactly the way we are supposed to feel and it’s the world that has it backwards.

Maybe it’s the world that is not sensitive enough.  We as a society have increasingly become desensitized to things that should appall us. For example, bloodshed, violence, anger, hate, corruption just to name a few.  All things that should make us feel something negative, but we are told constantly to push our negative feelings aside because if not we are viewed as “too sensitive”.

There’s that phrase again; “too sensitive”.  Who says? Who is the one giving you and us this information? Who is the one in charge of saying that we are “too sensitive”?  Has anyone even asked themselves why anxiety, depression, and a whole slew of emotional disorders have become more and more popular today than it ever has been?  Have we become “too sensitive”?

We are told constantly that we should only feel things that make us happy.  Sounds like a marvelous plan.  So why isn’t it working? I believe the answer is simpler than we think.

As human beings we feel more than one emotion.  In fact we feel a plethora of emotions. I couldn’t name every range of emotion if I tried. There are so many different levels of sadness, anger, and happiness that I could spend all day discussing the complexities of each and still not scratch the surface.

We don’t allow ourselves to feel.  Anger is bad. Sadness is bad. Pain is bad; don’t feel pain.

What happens when you build a society around the notion that anything other than happiness is bad?  You have people who struggle every single day to understand the emotions they are dealt.

Why do we have the emotions if we are not meant to feel them?  I feel anger. I feel sadness. Yet, I’m told not to.  Well problem solved then. I just won’t accept those emotions anymore.  Every time those emotions come to surface I will push them right back down.  Only happiness it is for me.

Well that doesn’t quite sound right either.

There must be a reason that I feel better after a good cry or why, when I’m really angry it feels good just to scream.  It may be just this one girl’s opinion, but it would seem that we are meant to feel these emotions.  We are meant to be sensitive, we are meant to get angry, and cry, and hurt, and laugh, and be miserable, and feel lonely, and smile, and the many many many other feelings we feel.

IT MAKES US HUMAN.  We are meant to feel.  We are meant to know how to feel and how to cope with our feelings. We are meant to accept other people’s feelings.

We see children do it every day.  They can cry, pout, get mad, laugh, and at the end of the day they are just as content as when they woke up.  They haven’t been taught yet they need to keep their feelings to themselves.

Where would the world be 20 years from now, 10 years from now even, if we taught our children that it is okay to feel? If we taught them that if they get sad that it’s okay for them to be sad? Or if when they feel angry that that’s okay too?

How would you feel right now if someone told you that the sadness that you are feeling, it’s okay for you to feel that? You don’t have to feel guilty for being sad? You can take your time and feel when you are ready to feel? It’s okay to feel.

Maybe I’m just being “too sensitive”, but I rather like that I feel all the emotions that I feel.  I don’t want to be so void of emotions that all the horrible things in this world go by unnoticed to me. I don’t want to be desensitized.

I want to feel everything, always.  I know that means I have to learn how to handle my emotions.  My anxiety and depression will love it I’m sure, but I’m tired of living only halfway.  I’m tired of learning to live with anxiety and depression because I believe that I’ll never be without it.  I want to breathe, I want to feel, I want to be free.

I will be free and love and live and feel and there is not a damn thing wrong with that!



Anxiously Ann

One Comment on “It’s Okay to Feel

  1. I love that you are able to express your feelings and not keep them bottled up inside you. You can be a great lesson to those who have those same emotions, but are afraid to let them show or feel no one Is listening.


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