A Cup of Tea, a Little Yoga, & a New Day

pexels-photo-251288.jpegDear Tea Drinking Yoga Lover,

My favorite cup of tea to start the day is matcha green tea because it makes me feel like I’m going to lose weight.  Though I know good and well the percentage that my favorite tea is the cause of my losing weight is relatively small; still I drink the tea.

In this game we play (we being those of us who suffer from some form of emotional disorder), will choose to accept some things we know not to be completely true because it makes us feel better. Another example for me is that I started drinking black coffee because I told myself there was more caffeine in black coffee. Though, I also know it to be untrue.

We like to do what makes us feel good.

It may not always make sense to some, lucky well adjusted, emotionally strong individuals.  We could be looked at as being odd or quirky (personally I love the word quirky; so much fun to say).

Maybe the volume HAS to be at a certain number, or maybe you NEED 3 pillows instead of 2, or maybe you HAVE to drink the same cup of tea every morning.  Whatever makes you feel good then by all means be quirky!

Do what feels good.

Seems like such a simple concept, right? If you knew me you would not be the least bit surprised that I forget to do what feels good almost daily.

Yoga is what makes me feel good. I am far from an expert and most of the balancing positions are a continuous struggle for me, but I love yoga. Yoga was something I started because of back and shoulder pains. However, it has done more for my anxiety and depression than any medication/therapy session combined.

It helps to find the right yoga instructor for you. Of course me sitting here with limited cash flow and empty pockets and a desire not to embarrass myself in public turned to the only logical source; YouTube.

Yoga With Adriene is a wonderful Youtuber that specializes in instructional yoga videos with the ultimate message being “Do What Feels Good”. I highly recommend watching her videos or visiting her website, definitely a life changer.

It is such a small idea, but it can have a large impact. Do what feels good.

Thank you Adriene for teaching me this.

So before I get on my mat and attempt the tree pose (yet again) with hopes of finally not toppling over, I sip my tea.

Today I’m going to do what makes me happy. I’m going to be my oddball quirky self and just feel good.


Anxiously Ann

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