2am Wake up Call


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Dear Restless Sleeper,
Why is it that when it is 2 o’clock in the morning that is when anxiety wants to come out and play?
The great thing about anxiety (you’ll learn to pick up on my subtle sarcasm; though I’ve been told I sound too serious) is that all your senses are heighten because your body has gone into fight or flight mode.
So now you’re lying in bed at 2 in the morning and suddenly you can hear everything. Which is crazy considering you only have partial hearing in your left ear and your good ear is only slightly better, but now you have super hearing.

This is not actually what I was talking about when I said I wanted a super power.
All the sounds.
Of course, now anxiety starts getting worse and awesome, now here comes paranoia.
So was that sound the heating unit cutting on? Was that sound real or did I make it up?
Uh great. Now I have to go to the bathroom.

You know nothing is there. You know that most if not all the sounds was just anxiety trying to freak you out.
Yet, you still hold it till the last minute because you have seen way too many scary movies as a kid and you do NOT want anyone or anything to grab your foot from under the bed.
Alas, the desire to use the restroom far outweighs your knowingly irrational fear of essentially nothing. So off you go and back to concur anxiety (albeit unwillingly) and not let it get the better of you.
It can be almost a battle every night with your own self. Even those who are fully aware of their anxiety and the irrational fears they cause are not immune to the 2am wake up call.
I say next time you sleep till 11:30am or 12pm or however long that may be, don’t feel guilty. You were up late hours fighting a battle and the best part is most of the time you win those battles. You fall asleep and then begin a new day again.
Wasting time feeling guilty for sleeping late only brings negativity to your day and you already had a rough night.
So drink a cup of coffee or tea and leave your troubles behind and enjoy the day.
We only get so many of them you know.
Anxiously Ann

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