Finding Yourself When You Feel A Little Lost


It is now February and 2018 is only just beginning. For me this year is about new opportunities and finding myself.

Yes, I know I’m 30 years old.
Yes, I know I shouldn’t have to find myself.

Honey, I have lost myself and found myself so many times that I can’t keep count.

We do that you know. All of us.
We are rarely ever the same person we use to be.

I wonder if that is what Alice in Wonderland was all about? That people are constantly changing.
We are different people when we go to bed than we were when we woke up that morning.

Sometimes we can lose interest in things we used to be interested in. We can lose interest before we even have a chance to develop new interests.

So now we’re stuck in a sort of “in between”. Maybe we lose sight of who we are. This is the time that I go on a journey, an adventure if you will, to find myself.

What do I like to do now? What will make me happy? These old things don’t feel like me anymore.

This is the best time to try new things. Go just a little outside of your comfort zone and find what makes you happy. Find yourself.

This year I am taking this journey and sharing with you any ups and downs I may have, any thoughts or views of life I may discover, or things I find help me relieve my struggles and live happy.

This year I take back my life and find myself all over again.

If you are having trouble finding yourself, take some time to think about what makes you happy.
Take that yoga class you have been wanting to take.
Read that book you bought 3 months ago, but still haven’t picked up.
Try new things and find what makes you happy.

Let this be the year of happiness!

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