Continuously Recovering

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Dear Reader,

My last post has been some time ago. Shortly after starting this blog I suffered some of the most horrific anxiety I have suffered to date. I went through months of feeling as if I was starving for air.

A lot of soul-searching has taken place.

I realized that I was putting too much pressure on myself. I needed to have something, be something important in order to feel validated. However, I never created this blog to make money or be somebody.

I did it so that I might be able to help someone. So that maybe someone will read this, be able to relate, and take comfort in the idea that they are not alone.

I will not be a blogger that posts daily. Hell, I may not even be a blogger that posts weekly, but what I can be is a blogger that will try and try and try again. Cause giving up is never an option.

You may feel the need or want to give up. Reside yourself to the life you were given, but don’t. The only life you were given is the one that you make for yourself.

YOU are capable of anything. YOU can do anything. The fact that you are reading this and searching for help is a sign that things will get better.

Get up and get out there! Be the Beautiful you that you are and I will be here. No matter what I will always be here!


Anxiously Ann

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