Know Thyself

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I was reading my star chart and I was hit with a universal download of information.

The reading on me was crazy accurate and it was the first star chart reading of myself I have ever done.

It honestly didn’t say much about me that I didn’t already know, but it did help me create more awareness on some of my negative traits that I needed to be more mindful of going into the future.

The information that came to me was this.

Self-awareness leads to self-actualization and self-actualization leads to enlightenment.

Now this is not new information to me, but this information made me think about my husband.

My husband and I have been off for a while now. We love each other and we enjoy one another’s company, but something has just felt off.

We don’t mesh well at times, we are continuously misunderstanding one another, and we can’t seem to get in sync or flow together in harmony.

(I love you honey if you’re reading this. Just had to be real for a minute.)


I believe the answer is simple.

“To know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom”

This quote is often given credit to Socrates so that is who I’ll give credit to.

I have been asking my husband for some time now to try to understand me better, but what I should have been asking is “understand yourself better”. My reasoning is this: how can you really understand someone without first understanding yourself?

If you were to really do some soul searching and dig down deep to understand the essence that is “you”, then you would be able to be more intuitive to the people around you. If you can understand your own behaviors and why you do things it will help you understand why others do what they do.

Not everyone wants to “soul search”. Not everyone wants to look into what makes them “them”.  The reason is usually because it is not always “pretty” to take a good hard look at ourselves.

It certainly wasn’t easy for me so I understand the desire to stay “blissfully unaware”.

I know that is more than likely my husband’s biggest barrier into “finding himself”.  I can feel through subtext that there are ways he used to be that he may regret and there are mistakes that he has made that he would rather not relive, but if we hide from who we were then we are not freeing ourselves up to be who we were meant to be.

All we are doing is running.

We are running from who we use to be and running away from who we were meant to be. We are keeping ourselves in a perpetual never changing limbo in an ever changing world.

We don’t know who we are, because we never asked who we were.

We can’t be who we were meant to be, because we never questioned what needed to change.

So, therefore we don’t change.

I have a whole post on our metamorphoses that I’ll share with you soon.

I’ve been asking my husband to better understand me when I should have been asking him to better understand himself.

I make mistakes too. It is part of being human. How we respond to our mistakes determines whether we grow as a person or stay stagnant.

It can only improve your quality of life to know more about yourself and searching for self-awareness is never selfish, because how can you give your whole self over to the one you love if you don’t know who your whole self is?

If you have never asked “Who am I?” or “Who do I want to be?”, then I urge you to take some time for yourself to get to know yourself.  If you don’t like the picture that you see of yourself then you have the beautiful opportunity to create the best version of yourself. To work towards being who you were really meant to be. You just have to be aware first.

I’m going to encourage my hubby to take time for himself. Not to think about me or us, but to find himself; to love himself. We all deserve that, don’t you agree?

You are all beautiful so BeYOUtiful!

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