A Walk in the Park


So, today I went for a walk in my park and I took pictures of some of the wildlife that I came across. I Saw birds, and squirrels, and even found a grasshopper that was NOT camera shy. It was a wonderfully peaceful walk.

It was a little hot outside, but a nice walk all the same.

Normally I would walk several laps before trekking home ,but today (because of the heat) I decided to enjoy the comforts of the shade and sit underneath the trees and do a little meditation.

My meditation consisted of me lying in the grass in the shade and looking up into the sky.

To me there is no wrong way to meditate if it brings you present in the moment.

Thankfully, I found a nice spot so I didn’t have to look up into direct sunlight. I shared the spot with some neighboring birds that didn’t seem to be phased by my presence. Although they weren’t as up for a photo opt as my little grasshopper friend.

Lying in the grass looking up at the sky reminded me of when I was a child. I was much closer to the earth when I was little. I practically lived outside. I would climb trees all day, and lay on the ground for hours just watching the clouds float by. I use to imagine myself up in the sky just floating along with them. Never stopping, always moving.

I suppose that’s where I get my gypsy side from. I love to roam and explore. To me it is one of the most freeing experiences, exploring a new surrounding, especially if it is out in nature.

I love going for hikes and being in the mountains or going for walks along the edge of the beach. Anything to be close to the beautiful gift that God gave us when he gave us Mother Nature.

When I was lying on my back in the park I could feel myself being weighed down into the earth. It wasn’t a heavy feeling, but a relaxed feeling of being supported by the Earth. My back was flat with the Earth and my breathing became slower.

I felt more grounded which is especially good for my Vata Dosha. We are usually so obsessed with the future and our big dreams and can be so up in the clouds that we miss what is right in front of us. We become anxious and stressed out and even begin worrying about problems that haven’t even happened yet or may never happen.

Learn a little about the Doshas from my blog post: What is Ayurveda?

Taking that moment to lay outside on the grass under a shade of trees close to the Earth gave me pause. I got to slow down and in turn I slowed my mind down. Things became a little clearer. I didn’t have the answers to all life’s problems, but I was able to listen to my body and my body was thanking me for taking this moment.

Another thing about being a Vata is we like to move move move and sometimes we can forget to take a moment in stillness. It is not particularly easy for me to be still and even more so to find a place of stillness in my mind.

I am constantly thinking. I have been my whole life. Of course, when I was a child my thoughts were actually slower and more purposeful because I had that connection to the Earth. I had more clarity, I was more of a philosophical thinker, I had an amazing memory, and was incredibly quick at learning things.

Now there are so many options for distractions in this world between social media and streaming services and the internet and etc etc. there is always something that I can use to distract myself from the real world. What I am learning is the more I am in my phone, the less present I am and the less present I am the worse my memory is. I am slower at problem solving and therefore the more anxious I am.

That is really it, right there. Those of use who have suffered from anxiety tend to use our phones as security blankets the most. When in all actuality our phones are actually helping to create even more anxiety within us.

It is a vicious cycle where we go to our phones to escape our problems (that we have convinced ourselves that we can’t handle) then we feel anxious because we never dealt with our problems head on.

IF we confront our problems head on we actually stand a greater chance of fixing them.

When has avoiding a problem ever made it go away for you? Cause for me it really only makes the problem worse and I feel anxious, regret, and usually guilt (Which is such an ugly emotions to walk around with).

Even if we make mistake on our path to resolving our problems, that’s ok. We are human beings. We are flawed. We are imperfect. We make mistakes. How we handle those mistakes is what makes us who we are.

I say that if we just take a few minutes a day to get out of our phones and out in nature then we will have a clearer head and a calmer mind. We can take on any problems that come our way.

We can feel empowered to take on what life throws at us. Especially us women out there, we are the mothers and there is no stronger force than Mother Nature so it would make sense that getting in touch with nature can give us the empowerment recharge that we need because we are getting in touch with the ultimate mother. If we allow her, she will always nurture us. She will give us everything that we need to heal if we take the time to slow down and feel the earth move beneath us, watch the clouds roll by, or listen to the birds nesting, mating, and living. The world is a wonderous world if we stop to listen. Take yourself out of this world and just listen to it, observe it, give yourself a different perspective. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective.

This has been my little words of wisdom today.

Please feel free to let me know what you like or don’t like even about my blog, I am open to all constructive criticism (I may be setting myself up here, but I’m an actor, I can handle it).
I am learning every day and I will make mistakes, but it is an absolute pleasure to have you with me on this journey I’m on to finding my voice, discovering my purpose, and to discovery a better way of living.

Namaste My Lovelies

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