Living for tomorrow

Are you doing today what you are just going to do again tomorrow?


Are you doing today that which is going to propel you into tomorrow?

Really take a second to let those questions marinate.

How do you spend your day?

How do you prioritize your time?

I have seen countless people live each day exactly the same way as the day before. Hell, I myself, have been one of those people.

I have two modes when I use to get like that.

Mode One: I am lethargic, unmotivated, and exceptionally low energy.

During this mode I am usually going through depression. I don’t want to acknowledge it so I will go into escapism.

Habits include: binging shows, playing of never-ending phone games, mostly sedentary, neglect of hygiene.

Better habits to practice: Self-care & Self-love (lots & lots), nurturing your body with clean food & physical activity (if you can only do a little bit at then do a little bit, it is all good), practice complete presence (this can be done with mediation or nature walks, but really detoxing from electronics is the best thing to do here).

Helpful tips: Love yourself during this time. You may want to be hard on yourself for not doing enough or put pressure on yourself to do more, but that is counterproductive. Instead, praise everything you do for yourself. Really revel in how well you love yourself. Be present in the practice of caring for yourself.

Trust me, I know just how exhausting life is, and it would be AMAZING if we could find someone else to do all the caring, and loving for us, but even if you do find such a person, in the end their love only will have you feeling hollow and could possibly leave them feeling depleted.

Mode Two: I am anxious, a lot of nervous energy, the need to keep busy is strong, still low energy, but body is mostly on auto-pilot.

During this mode I’m usually not in depression, but in constantly fight or flight mode. I am more prone to being triggered so to avoid being triggered I do a lot of busy work, which is another form of escapism.

Habits include: Over-cleaning or organizing, Short temper, can get stuck in the scroll whole (On social media, but not for anything of value), May forget to eat meals or pick poor quality foods.

Better habits to practice: Set daily and weekly goals. Really prioritize what goals you set for yourself by only choosing 3 to 5 per day & per week. Is the task absolutely necessary for you to do? Practice gratitude and journaling (we often avoid our feelings during this time b/c of fear of being triggered, but it is better not to run from them. Instead accept and honor your feelings). Spend time in nature (this is grounding and can help relieve some of that nervous energy).

Helpful Tips: Really limit the amount of multi-tasking you do during this time. Goal setting and meal planning are particularly useful at this stage.

Honestly, any of the tips and healthy practices mentioned above will help for both modes. You can never go wrong with self-care & self-love.

Have you found yourself living the same day over and over again?

Are you stuck in modes one or two?

What habits do you practice when you are stuck?

Leave it in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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