My Journey To Feeling Better

Namaste my Lovelies! If you were to get know me on a real personal level you would probably learn that I am MUCH better at giving advice than I am at taking advice; even my own advice! So it would come as no surprise to you to find out that I was preaching the importance... Continue Reading →

We Are Not Our Bodies

We are not our bodies. Our person, our mind, our spirit is greater than our body. Our body is merely a vessel for us to fulfill our purpose on earth. I truly believe that our purpose, all of our purposes, is to serve others (At least if we all aspired to live that way the... Continue Reading →

Looking Good vs Feeling Good

When we take care of our bodies it is so much more than just make ourselves look good (Though most people go on diets or start a workout routine because they want to look better). We should want to take care of our bodies so that we feel better. When we feel better we naturally... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Park

So, today I went for a walk in my park and I took pictures of some of the wildlife that I came across. I Saw birds, and squirrels, and even found a grasshopper that was NOT camera shy. It was a wonderfully peaceful walk. It was a little hot outside, but a nice walk all... Continue Reading →

What is Ayurveda?

AYURVEDA: [ah-yer-vey-duh] Guys (and gals)! This is something that I am so excited to talk about! I have been putting off talking about it because I felt like I needed to know more and that I needed to be an expert in it before I shared what I know. Well forget it! I can't wait... Continue Reading →

Know Thyself

I was reading my star chart and I was hit with a universal download of information. The reading on me was crazy accurate and it was the first star chart reading of myself I have ever done. It honestly didn’t say much about me that I didn’t already know, but it did help me create... Continue Reading →

Love Gently

I thought I had it beat. My anxiety. I have gotten dramatically better at handling all the curveballs that life throws at me. Any big changes I was handling like a champ. You go so long feeling good, you're nerves aren't a constant source of torment for you, but then something happens. It can be... Continue Reading →

I Am An Empath

Random factoid of the day. I am an empath. Yes, you heard it right. I, Jessica Ann Perry, am a real life empath. "What the hell is an empath?" Now don't get your knickers in a twist my dear reader, I will tell you. You can look it up online and what you will find... Continue Reading →

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