Category: Soul Searching

Know Thyself

I was reading my star chart and I was hit with a universal download of information. The reading on me was crazy accurate and it was the first star chart reading of myself I have ever done. It honestly didn’t say much about me… Continue Reading “Know Thyself”

Love Gently

I thought I had it beat. My anxiety. I have gotten dramatically better at handling all the curveballs that life throws at me. Any big changes I was handling like a champ. You go so long feeling good, you’re nerves aren’t a constant source… Continue Reading “Love Gently”

Finding Yourself When You Feel A Little Lost

It is now February and 2018 is only just beginning. For me this year is about new opportunities and finding myself. Yes, I know I’m 30 years old. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have to find myself. Honey, I have lost myself and found… Continue Reading “Finding Yourself When You Feel A Little Lost”